On November 1, 2019 we begin our 10th Annual Moebius Syndrome Holiday Heroes Season. Each day from November 1, 2019 through January 24, 2020 Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day we will feature a new Holiday Hero on our website.

Each Holiday Hero living in the United States will receive a Holiday Hero Awards Certificate in the mail with their name on it. Heroes living outside of the United States will receive their Award Certificate by email.

The theme for this years Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day is Family & Friends. People with Moebius Syndrome, and their family & friends are all eligible to be Holiday Heroes. If you would like to become a Holiday Hero or nominate someone to become one send us a photo and a one paragraph or more description as to why they are your Holiday Hero to tim@teammoebius.org. Please also send us your address, phone number, and preferred email address.

Thank You!


November 1, 2019 Asena Jalalzada, November 2, 2019 Michele Robertson, November 3, 2019 Troy MarQuardt, November 4, 2019 Ivy Stewart, November 5, 2019 Khaleb, November 6, 2019 Kenneth Perreault, November 7, 2019 Breanna Hunt, November 9, 2019 Rak Mehta, November 10, 2019 Ophelia Senters, November 11, 2019 Annie Griggs, November 12, 2019 Psalm Brielle, November 13, 2019 Miracle May, Eileen Kelly November 14, 2019 , November 15, 2019 Roxana Lizbeth Canchola Gonzalez, November 16, 2019 Sharon Bradham Deveney, November 17, 2019 Donnie Downs , November 18, 2019 Matt Thomas, November 19, 2019 Megan Brown

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