A message from Tim Smith

Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

Dear Moebius Syndrome Community members,

Hello! I am Tim Smith President of the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this letter.

Last year after we became a nonprofit, we began to discover that there was a little confusion about the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome. Some people believed we were part of another organization. We are not and have never been part of, or an off shoot, of any other organizations. 

The confusion is probably my fault. From the very beginning in 2009 I have wanted all of our Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome projects like the Facebook Friends groups, our online events, our shirt sales, in person meet ups, and Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day to include everyone in the global moebius syndrome community, so we invited other groups to participate, and partner, with us so the entire community would benefit from our efforts. Since we were not a nonprofit at the time, I suspect some people assumed another organization was leading the way and we were a part of them. That has never been the case and I am sorry I did not clarify this earlier.

Since 2009 the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome has been working to build a strong presence and online community to help those with Moebius syndrome. 

The Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome became a nonprofit in 2019. Through your support we have mailed out over 40 new parent welcome packages around the world in the last six months. We were able to offer emergency financial relief to a moebius family who needed to relocate. Through our Moebius Blessing campaign which will become an annual event we were able to send Christmas presents to Moebius families in need. In 2021 we will be celebrating and promoting Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day online and hopefully in person.  This summer we will sponsor Riders for Moebius in Colorado which gets National coverage. We will also be doing other things. None of this would have been possible without your support this past year. 

Please consider making a donation to the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome on or before Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2020. 

If the MFOMS could build an online community like we have today without even being a nonprofit imagine what awesome things we can accomplish over the next ten years as a nonprofit? 

I promise you this, if you donate to Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome on Giving Tuesday, your contribution will help to do amazing things and allow us to expand our outreach within the community worldwide.

You can donate through our website or directly through our Facebook Giving Tuesday Fundraiser.

Thank you and God Bless,

Tim Smith

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