Anita Fuentes

Moebius Syndrome - Anita Fuentes

Moebius Syndrome - AnitaMoebius Syndrome – Hi, I’m Anita and I’m from Brisbane, Australia. I have a mild case of Moebius Syndrome. Put simply, my main symptoms are that I can’t move my top lip, my mouth is smaller than normal and permanently open, and I can’t move my eyes laterally. Over the last few years I have got to know some of the Moebius families in my area and it is reminder of the challenges many with Moebius Syndrome face, particularly as young children and how lucky I am. I am so proud to be part of this community which took me many years to find. Recently I have put on hold a well-established and successful career and have moved to South America for a few years. It’s been a challenge learning Spanish and once again pronunciation issues due to my limited mouth movements have become noticeable. At times all of the resilience I learnt in my younger years is required. I could never have imagined what was possible in my life as a little girl and I am so proud of the life I’ve created for myself. Moebius Syndrome hasn’t held me back but rather given me strength to get through difficult times and take risks.

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