Austin Halls

Hi my name is Austin Halls and I live in New Jersey. I am 14 years old. I have Moebius Syndrome. My life never has a dull moment. When I was born they had no idea what I had and it took 2 weeks to a month to diagnose what I had. I was always a handful to my parents when I was a baby. I had a feeding tube, I had to get at home nurses, I don’t know how many surgeries, I stopped breathing numerous times and choked many times. The doctor said I would never eat orally, and I would need a trachea, but my mother always knew what was best for me and said no. She did all she could for me and I love her so much for that. She took me off a medicine because I was throwing up and 6 months later she found out babies died because of that medicine. Crazy. It was hellish, but after 2 or 3 years it only got better. I had the feeding tube out and pretty much lived a well life.

In 2008 I chose by myself to do the facial surgery. I understood that it would be a very drastic thing but I really wanted to be able to smile. It was supposed to be like 8 hours and something went wrong and it took 16 hours. It turned out that the one side didn’t take. So here I am with a one sided smile lol. But the really good thing Is that I can close my mouth all the way and that improved my speech by a ton. We went for that one side again and nothing, I still have to go in for ANOTHER surgery but whenever I choose to do it.

When i was elementary school I was really popular and didn’t really have any bullying. People understood what i had and just looked at my personality. They didn’t care how I looked they just looked at me being an awesome, outgoing and a crazy person. I hear all these stories about people with moebius and how they always get bullied and it kind of surprises me, but different areas and what not. Anyways 7th and 8th grade school was still pretty much the same everyone loved me and understood. There was a lot of drama and I had some bullying, I always stood up for myself and I didn’t take anything. My mom always pushed me to be confident and sways told me, “Austin, don’t be ashamed of who you are because you are an awesome person, if someone pushes you down you just get right back up and always keep your chin up.” She really is an amazing mom<3

I never have went to a moebius syndrome conference before because it was so far away. WE MISSED THE ONE IN NJ. So we went to the most recent one in Pennsylvania. It was amazing! I really wanted to go their to be a role model for kids young and old. When i walked in it was a major thing because it really made me realize how lucky I truly am. I have all of my limbs and I can close my mouth, I can walk, I can talk decently well, I have an amazing support group. I have a lot of friends. It was definitely and eye opener.

I could go on and on about my life but I think that’s good for now. If you are reading this and you need some advice or anything please contact me: