Recently i paid a visit to Tims website and had a good read as well as watching the video, after seeing and reading through his website i am so thankfull for people who go the extra mile and wave the flag of confidence and determination, when i was born i was literally given up for dead as i was in a bad state and the medical team had not a clue what was wrong with me or really what to do, and over my life time i have heard and read of so many stories of those who have Moebius and haveing such difficulties along their path of life because no body really wants to take up the fight and highlighting Moebius, yes their is small pockets around the countries looking into Moebius and yes even the BBC News 24 and some local and daily papers in the UK, but it is so like hard work, Moebius
and I plays a small part in highlighting this rare condition but we need to see and hear the medical bods in all countries stand up for the research into Moebius syndrome, i thank God that i was not brushed aside and left for scrap yard, i come across many who have Moebius, and hey what a fantastic bunch we are!! all unique all individual and special…A BIG THANKYOU TIM FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND COMMITMENT TO
US…………………… have my support and vote in all that you do…Bob