Stories from the Global Moebius Syndrome Community.

Moebius Syndrome: Wilhelm

Moebius Syndrome: WillhelmWhile my mommy was pregnant, at her 20 week ultrasound check, the doctor seen I had bilateral clubbed feet. She was told to go to the childrens hospital…

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Moebius Syndrome: Willem

Moebius Syndrome Willem:

Willem was born at 10:40am, July 12, 2005. My first thoughts were how happy I was that big brother Ben would have a playmate just shy of two years younger. As with my other two children, it was love at first sight. As his first day progressed I was calm but concerned and confused that I could not get him to nurse. After 11 hours of repeatedly trying to get him to latch on, one of the nurses said that they would have to try to feed him with a syringe because he doesn’t seem to want to suck. He ate from the syringe.


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Moebius Syndrome: Will Harrison

Moebius Syndrome: Will Harrison How does one begin to explain the last twenty-nine years and what they have brought about? I can only begin by saying that God ordains my…

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I was born in 1969 at Hospital de San Pablo in Barcelona. The doctors did not know what was wring with me. I was in an oxygen chamber for many days. My parents were very smart and decided to move me to another hospital. The doctors told my parents there was a lot of damage done during my birth. I wasn’t going to be able to hear or run. Fortunatly they were wrong. I grew, thanks to my mother and all her great efforts to make me healthy. If it weren’t for her I do not know where i would be today.


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Moebius Syndrome: Zayden

Moebius Syndrome: Zayden’s life started on 8/9/10. From the moment he was born, we knew he was special. He was an absolute surprise and survived the miscarriage of his twin at 10 weeks. We knew this little guy was meant to be here for a reason.


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