Caylina is the constant shining light of our family. Our family has been having a tough year. Her Grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in the year, but Caylina manages to put a big smile on her face and motivates her to keep fighting everyday. Also, her uncle is battling stage 3 esophageal cancer and she has kept him in high spirits by learning how to swallow her liquids and avoid feeding tubes. Her uncle is currently still awaiting surgery, but he remains strong for his beloved niece. Caylina has battled so many health obstacles from the day she was born. Her diagnosis of Moebius syndrome has complicated her feeding, development (due to a lymphatic growth), her movement, vision but she began to dance before she could sit up or walk. She fills our days with laughter during these tough times. We will celebrate the Christmas season for her even if our hearts ache. She shows us what unconditional love is and has saved us with her sweet love.