MFoMS Celestial 5K Virtual Event


Thank you for your interest in the MFoMS Celestial 5K Virtual Event! Registration is $25.00 per person. Everyone who registers will receive a free Celestial Run t-shirt in the mail after the event is complete.

Not everyone is in the same state or on the same schedule, so we are giving everyone 30 days from the start of the event on September 17th to complete The Celestial Run/Walk and turn in their results. So, please join us for this exciting event and register using the button below.

Want to add some fun to your walk or run?  We would like you to consider joining us in a scavenger hunt.  Of course, this is completely optional, but everyone has their phone with them so why not put it to good use and take some photos along the way.  Here is a list of five items for the scavenger hunt.

  1. We love everything PURPLE, this can be anything that catches your eye, from a flower to a fun sign, even a purple drink. The color purple is a significant color for our global Moebius Syndrome Community.  
  2. ANYTHING WITH THE NAME OF A PLANET. For instance, a street sign, a Mars candy bar, or a Saturn car, even something with character Pluto on it, you get the idea.  The Celestial 5K is in memory of Celeste Jasmyn Hayden, a young baby that left us too early.  Since she was named after the universe this will be a fun way to honor her memory.
  3. When you see SOMETHING SHAPED LIKE A HEART snap a picture. This can be anything from a picture with hearts in it, to a flower, a leaf or even a cloud.  Use your imagination the sky is the limit.  The Moebius community is full of people with big hearts, and this includes you! We could not do this without your participation and support.  THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!
  4. A SMILE this can be anything you want it to be, a selfie of you and/or your group enjoying the day or just a picture of a big smile or if you see something that looks like a smile, again the imagination can run wild. Because Moebius Syndrome affects the facial muscles (in most cases the sixth and seventh cranial nerves are missing from birth) the result is the characteristic of facial paralysis among other symptoms.
  5. Not everyone gets their exercise at the same time of day. We know some of you like to start your day with a walk or run in the morning and some like to unwind with a walk or run at the end of the day.  So, take a second, look up and CAPTURE THE SUN OR THE MOON during your walk or run.

AS A BONUS SHARE YOUR JOURNEY WITH A STRANGER ALONG THE WAY AND TAKE A PICTURE.  Take a minute to talk to a stranger along the way and share them the reason you are doing this virtual walk/run.  Tell them about Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome and direct them to the website to learn more about Celeste and the other wonderful people in the Moebius Community.

Once you have completed your walk or run, and hopefully the scavenger hunt, please email your results and scavenger hunt photos to or post them to Facebook using the hashtag #celestialrun. Once all the results are in, we will put everyone’s name in a drawing. The first five names drawn will receive Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome swag by mail.

Once you have received your t-shirt, we hope you will proudly wear it and help us spread awareness and keep Celeste’s memory alive and burning brightly in the universe and the hearts of all who knew and loved her.

All proceeds from this event will go back into the Moebius Syndrome Community in several ways, such as the new parent’s packages, Moebius Blessings packages, MSAD (Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day) events, Medical Assistance Programs, Camp Moebius, and much more.

Have fun, enjoy this event and we hope it will become a yearly event on your calendar that you will look forward to.

If you have any questions, please email them to us at

If the registration screen doesn’t open, click here.

Celeste Jasmyn Hayden

Celeste Jasmyn was a smart and strong little girl. She was very vocal about her wants and needs. She wanted to let everyone know about her feelings right then and there. She loved to cuddle and play with her mom and dad. She loved the minecraft theme song and lullaby renditions of snoop dog. Her and her dog Luna were best of friends.