“Hello everyone my name is Christopher and I am turning 3 on December 3, 2012.  I was born at 36 weeks of my mommy’s pregnancy  with  Moebius Syndrome,  Gastroschisis,  Double Chromosome  15 and a missing piece of Chromosome 17. At a few months old, my daddy and mommy were told that I may be blind but I fooled the doctors because I could see just fine. I couldn’t suck on my bottle so I had to have a feeding tube put in to help me get nourishment but I am eating through my mouth now and someday soon the feeding tube will be removed.  I love to drink   Things have been challenges for me because my motor skills are slower than most but in time I know I will be able to do what everyone else can do.  I know that my development and challenges are major stepping stones for me and my family  but my mommy and daddy have been at my side through everyone  and have been my guardian angels since the day I was born.  I also have my grandmothers and my aunts and uncles to support me as I grow and develop so I am surrounded by love and that makes all my progress even better.  I am starting school today so I am going to learn lots of new things  and meet a lot of new people.   Who knows who I will grow up to be. “