I was born in Idabel, OK on November 9 1992. I was a blessing to my mom. The doctors told her that I may have Down’s Syndrome and a feeding tube was placed in my nose. Early on when Mom was in the nursery admiring me I flatlined. My aunt Penny said all she remembers is Momma dropping to her knees and begging Jesus “Please don’t take my baby” I was flown by Helicopter to OKC Children’s hospital where mom was told I was blind, deaf, and brain damaged. She always thought I was healthy and knew they were wrong.

Mom prayed for 4 years to see me smile. One day while watching tv she saw a talk show with Chelsea Thomas. She believed we could be twins had I had blonde hair. Mom began a search to find a doctor who give me a smile. She didn’t have much success because no one had heard of Moebius Syndrome, but she continued to search. After about 6 months of searching she happened to see a late night show with a boy who had had smile surgery.When the credits rolled she saw Dr Zuker’s name and called 411 the next day searching for numbers.

She contacted the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto Canada and they gave her Dr Zuker’s phone number. She called his office every day begging, pleading to get help for me. He returned her call when he got back from vacation. Mom went through the roof with excitment. He met her in Indianapolis along with Dr Sadove and Dr Eppley whom he would train.

At 5 I had my first surgery and on my 6th birthday my smile was completed. I’ve had a few obstacles in life (we all do) but with Jesus and Momma I hurdle every one. I’m 23 yrs old and I can see and hear. I’m far from brain damaged ( although mom teases me some about it). I have the smile mom prayed for all those years. She says I am her miracle!!! Mom wants everyone to know that sometimes feeding tubes are not necessary. She held me every feeding and squeezed my cheeks lightly so I could suck! Love to ALL my MOEBIUS FAMILY