Claire Olivia

Hi my name is Claire Olivia and I was born on August 1, 2014. My parents, Lee and Audrey Peppin of St. Louis, knew I would have club feet and was missing my left hand from the first ultrasound, however, they were not prepared for the three weeks of almost starvation before I was finally put into the hospital and eventually diagnosed with Moebius Syndrome. My mommy and daddy, while scared of the unknown, are awesome. God knew exactly what he was doing when he chose my parents for me. They learned everything they could about my syndrome and sometimes had to explain it to the many doctors that I had the pleasure of meeting. I was fortunate that I never had a feeding tube, but a special bottle, I endured serial casting to correct my club feet, a stint in my eye for a clogged tear duct (which I got removed December 3) and recently surgery to correct webbing on my right hand. If you ask my parents, while they might not agree, I think having my right hand in a cast for three weeks and not having a left hand at all, my frustration was justified. I am starting to walk and reaching all milestones, maybe a little later than some, but I am a “supergirl” and so and will figure anything out given time. My parents and I plan to attend the Moebius Syndrome Conference in California in 2016 and we cannot wait to meet other children and adults with Moebius Syndrome and to share stories of love, laughter and tears. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!