December 12, 2019 / Story Levely Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

Story is growing by leaps and bounds. After a rough start in the NICU, and countless doctors visits, every specialist know to man, and nearly dying from a tonsillectomy, Story continues to amaze us. He is in the second grade and is a friend to everyone. We are still playing catch up in so many ways, but he is eager to learn and try new things. Needless to say, the beginning was a struggle, as the doctors had never seen Moebius syndrome. But we had a great neonatal team that worked to figure everything out before he left the NICU at ten days old. It has been a learning journey for all of us, but Story is the most amazing, witty, hilarious kid out there. Story loves to draw and wants to grow up to be either a train engineer or a secret agent.

Tim Smith
Author: Tim Smith

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