December 17, 2019 / Gavin Fouche Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

I’ve known Gavin for over ten years. Even though we’ve never met in person we chat on Facebook and speak as often as we can. I consider him a close friend. Not long ago Gavin lost his Mom. I hope he knows he and his family are in our prayers. We would like to share with you a story his Mom wrote about him. Happy Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero day Gavin.

Through A Mother’s Eyes: The Journey Of Baby Gavin

BY Alvera Bruwer

Our journey begins on a warm Monday night at 11:15 pm, on the 19th of September 1977. To shorten my labor, I was put on a drip and it didn’t take long and you were born. You weighed 2490 grams and your length was 32 cm.

The hospital staff immediately whisked you away, and I knew then that something was not right. After a while Dr. Stumpff came to me and said that you had no shoulders, your hands were deformed and your eyes were squint, and that it would be better to send you to Tygerberg where they specialize in such cases.

Unbeknown to me he put me on anti-depressants. The next day Aunty Lulu (my godmother) came to see me and said she was glad everything was over, at least you had ten fingers and ten toes. She was not aware of the position at that stage. I said that you did not have ten fingers. She was so shocked on hearing the news, and she was still there and managed to see you when the ambulance arrived to pick you up and take you to Tygerberg.
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