December 21, 2019 / Wesley Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

So much has happened since you left us. I promised myself I would write you this letter and pray that someday I will hear your response. I miss you, an understatement of how much I long to feel you near me, to hug you, to kiss you until you blue in the face, to hear your voice, to have someone to bug and tease to speak to you, to listen to you babble all day about the latest gossip and daily activities, to listen to music that irritates me and beg you to turn to my kind of music. I so miss those special moments we had. Funny, so many times those things irritated me and I used to get so grossly angry at you, but I would do anything just to have one more day with you. What I would give to change it all. I’m so glad we made the most of our time spent together. You remember all the outings we went on and holidays away- just us family, it was truly something special. Click here to read the rest of Melissa’s letter to Wesley.

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