December 26, 2019 / Bob Emery Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

I actually met Bob Emery through a yahoo Moebius group many years ago. Bob lived a very interesting life. In his later years he had a great passion to spread Moebius syndrome awareness and started his own website named Bob: Moebius and I. Because of health issues he wasn’t able to do what he wanted to and had to retire. The last time I talked to him he was living in a nursing home in the UK. I was told today that Bob is no longer with us. This saddens me. I know a little of Bob’s story and our Moebius Syndrome community could have learned a lot from him if he had shared his complete story. Happy Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero Day Bob! -Tim Smith

Click here to read Bob’s story on the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome Website.

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