December 31, 2019 / Abbi Forrester Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

Abbi turned 13 on December 12 this year and is very much a typical teenager already! She has a wicked sense of humour and very much likes her own way, she is caring, (when she wants to be)and also very demanding!! She loves to chill out in her room listening to music or watching videos on youtube, hates all kinds of physical activity but that might be down to the fact she actually hasn’t been allowed to do anything physical for a year! January this year abbi underwent a full spinal fusion for posterior scoliosis, and she was remarkable in her recovery, never complained once! She started secondary school in September this year in the learning support unit, with only 4 pupils in her class, again handled the transition beautifully considering she has a degree of autism, All in all, we are extremely proud of our beautiful girl x