Dominque / Her Smile Surgery

We left on Monday for a 5 and half hour trip to Sickkids hospital in Toronto. We made it in 6 hours with 3 pit stops. Hitting the border was stupid and confussing. Barriers and no signs with cars coming both ways, but we found our way.

No we did not get strip searched, I put my good looks to work.

By 12:30pm we were in the Hospital and doing post opts before the surgery.
The Hospital is as large as the Cleveland Clinic, Metro, and Rainbows put together. The whole hospital is for kids only. In the area there is about 6 hospitals right around us.

From 12:30 till 6:00 pm we met with the financial officer. They took pictures, video, and an MRI Doctor Zucker fitted Dominque with the tube that would hold her mouth in place after the surgery. After 6:00 pm we went in to the Hotel and checked in for the night.

Then we went out to dinner for dominque’s favorite meal. SUSHI at Tokoyo’s what a great meal. Dominque and I polished off 12 plates of sushi about 45 pieces in all.
The unique thing was the conveyors that let the sushi roll all around the restaurant. You chose what sushi you liked. It was great. We will probably hit it once more on our way out.

We made it back to the Hotel for about an hour of swim time in the pool before bed. Dominque was happy but the slide was closed and we will not be able to use it after the surgery. Trinity and Dominque’s new Bikini which was pink turned colors. They are now pink and blue…. Too Funny. Chemicals were to strong in the pool.

Surgery Day.
Wow It is 5:15 in the morning. We needed to be at the hospital by 7:00am to check in.
Surgery starts at 8am. When I have time I will break down the Pre surgery which was fast, orderly and, and neat. We signed in and they started working on Dominque about a half hour before 8. They gave her medicine to calm her down and said it would taste like Chocolate. Dominque she said it tastes like Poop. Dad and Dominque danced in a wheel chair for the next 10 minutes. It took a little longer because Dominque was fighting like Mike Tyson going in and they wanted her to settle down. By 8:17 am Dominque Auberanna Piotrowski would start a long journey to a new smile.

At 1:05 I was talking with The News Herald who have been great with articles on Dominque. I was a little worried because the hour grace period between 12 and 1 were up, as I told The News Herald. Just then Doc Zucker came in with a smile. Everything went well. The muscle, nerve, and blood vessels were perfect. They removed the muscle from the leg and laid it in the face very well. He said the muscle laid perfect. Off Zucker went to rest for an hour while his partner started finishing the last half of the surgery.

The surgery should have been 9 hours from 8 till 5 or 5:30. It took till about 6 or 6:30 when Doctor Zucker returned and said all finished. You should see your daughter soon and he was going home for the night. Everything went well in the surgery. He was very pleased. So was I….. Could not wait to see Dad’s HERO and Little Girl.
It took another hour or so till I would see her. I went to see her and she was beautiful and doppy. LMAO. By 9pm we were up in our room and the long journey was coming to the end.

The Healing Process… Which was hard for the parent as well as Dominque.

Dominque was settled in on floor 8C 77, single room with a bed for the parent.
One of us would stay and the other would return to the Hotel with Aleera till the next morning.

Dominque was in a lot of pain that night and Mom was to the rescue the first night as Dominque requested her to stay. Up in the middle of the night and nurses in every hour due to the drugs they were pumping in her.

It was rough going with the leg and face both being operated on. During the first full day things didn’t slow down. Doctors and nurses were in and out. Dominque is confussed, sluggish, drugged up, and hating life. That’s Okay because now Mom and Dad were both there to help with every need. Dad came through with promise #2 where I would trim and polish her nails. Yes dad would polish and trim her nails. I do it all the time. I filed and cut her nails. Polished them with RED paint, put stickers on, put Gems on her finger nails, and then some clear coats to finish it off. Along with her beautiful fingers and toes.

Dominque’s surgical line is unnoticable. What areas are exposed will be covered by her hair most of the time.

Day Two would be much of the same and I would stay with her. Wow talk about rough….. We were instructed to get her in the wheelchair and make her walk a little. Well that did not go over very well. She was not off the drugs and hurting. We got her in the chair wheeled her out the the lobby for a while but no walking. We tried to make her walk but she shut down and started saying everything hurts for an hour. Literally, she would say it hurts over and over again. We decide to let it go till tomorrow. The thing was I did not know if she was gong to come out of her shut down mode.

Day 3 and 4 would move just as fast as the day we arrived. Doctor Zucker and the nurses brought Dominque down off the drugs completely and she did not ask for pain medicine much there after. That is because the Nurse Falipa and Katie from the kids area told her a little secret. If you get up move around then going down stairs, shopping and playing in marnias place would be okay. Well she was like a rocket and we could not stop her from going here and there. It was a 360 degree turn around. She was beating us in Wii bowling and pool. Not in air hockey I had to put my foot down. The hospital would give her so much stuff it was not funny. The whole hospital is dedicated to just kids and the care for kids.

On Friday Doctor Zucker said she has little infection to none, shes off the drugs, and Saturday we could take her back to the Hotel for the weekend. If all went well we could leave on Monday if thngs checked out okay. Zucker sent us to the Hotel with a wheel chair and told us to go see some things.

On Saturday and Sunday as well as when Dominque was in the hopital we had our times with her when she could not go to the pool with a slide, eat chocolate, drink soda, or have one of her favorites Coffee with Cream. Too Funny….My Sushi, coffee, sardines, and smoked oyster GIRL. LMAO what a pallet.

-We went to the open markets near by. Filled with fresh meat, fish, spices, vegetables, and much more…
-Watched the Irish Day Parade that went right past our hotel, chaulk drawlings, and the street sweepers to bring up the rear to tell us it was all over.
-There was an indoor 3 story mall that was great and all the girls wanted were purses. Gosh I miss the boys.
-Canada takes spring break all together. At the hotel the theme was spring break for kids and there were a lot of them. Time to goooooooooooooooooooooo…….Home.