Thank you for considering a donation to Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome (MFOMS). We are ran entirely by volunteers, and no one on the team takes a salary. Many services, including website hosting and development, are provided to us at no cost.

We do have some administrative costs and government fees, however we work diligently to keep those costs as low as we can. The rest of your donations will go entirely to support our mission of increasing awareness and advocacy for Moebius Syndrome. Your donation will allow us to:

  • Participate in and provide promotional support for local fundraisers, such as Kara Smiles Fund, that are dedicated to helping those with Moebius Syndrome.
  • Network with other nonprofits, and participate in conferences, which will allow us to provide the Moebius community with current and accurate information related to resources and medical treatments.
  • Help families and individuals by providing network opportunities, including a large social media presence and regional meetings.
  • Continue and expand the annual Riders for Moebius event which provides an opportunity for families and supporters to network.
  • Continue the annual Moebius Syndrome Awareness day in January of each year, a global event specifically to bring awarness to Moebius.

To donate, click the Donate link to the right, or visit

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