Face Equality Week:

Face Equality Week was created by Face Equality International. A Craniofacial Organization in the United Kindom. Their slogan is: “Creating a world where everyone is treated fairly whatever their face looks like.” To learn more about them click here.

The Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome started promoting Face Equality Week in 2020. At that time, we were not part of Face Equality International. Shortly after we were contacted by Dr. James Partridge the founder of Face Equality International and asked if we would like to apply for membership in FEI. We received an email from Dr. Partridge the day before he died letting us know that the 8 founding member organizations of Face Equality International unanimously approved our membership. 

Since this is our first official year as part of FEI, and to honor Dr. Partridge’s gift to us, we’ve worked extremely hard behind the scenes over the last couple of months to create our 2021 Face Equality Week campaign which we hope will be one of many steppingstones in making Face Equality a reality. 

What is Face Equality Week? Simply put Face Equality Week is one week out of the year where many NGO’s and many ordinary people come together all around the world to stand as one with the strength and desire to make Face Equality for all a full-time reality.

The Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome is proud to support Face Equality International and their CEO Phyllida Swift. To learn more about FEI and our International Face Equality week click here.

Our Face Week 2021 Video Interviews

We have produced several Face Equality Week video interviews that we will be posting on Facebook at regular intervals. We will add them here asap. Please Share!

Phyllida Swift CEO FEI / Erica Klaubier ED CCAKIDS / Tim Smith President MFOMS

Rakk Mehta

Jensen Jennings

Laura Jeltyi

Trish Wilkerson

Nath Ford

Miracle May

Cassie Bowen

Emily Stewart


Miracle May

Jessica Batenburg

Matt Thomas

Gareth Roberts

Kari Storm


Ron Pimental

Susana Romero De Parrella

Elizabeth Robinson

Maggie Russell

Tim Smith

Glen Mercer


Our Face Equality Week 2021 Photos

In February 2021 we reached out to our global moebius syndrome community and asked their permission to use their photos. Here are some of the photos we have so far. We will be posting these photos throughout the week at scheduled times on all of our social media pages. Please share them and help us turn Face Equality week into a all year long reality.

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