Ivy Stewart

Moebius Syndrome: Ivy Stewart

Ivy Stewart is from New Brunswick, Canada. She was born with bilateral clubfoot and had 19 weeks in castings followed by her braces. She was Tube fed from birth, NG for 9 months and Gtube for a year. She is now taking all of her foods and milk by mouth and only needs her gtube for water intake and most medicines. She has worked incredibly hard for this moment! 

She continues to amazes us all the time, she has just learned to crawl and pull herself up to stand! Before this she would scoot on her bum whenever she needed to go.  She  began communicating through sign language but with lots of determination and hard work she has many words and small sentences. She loves to dance, play and meet new people. 

She has spent a fair amount of time, mostly during the winter months, in the hospital due to respiratory problems from RSV, illnesses, aspiration pneumonia and seizures but she has a fighter’s soul and bounces back as quickly as she can! 

We are forever grateful for the wonderful and incredibly supportive people we have met along this journey.  Ivy is our little unicorn. I love sharing her story so others can learn and understand that we are all unique and beautiful people.

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