Jade was a blessing that came in to my life on April 24, 1999. When he was born it was apparent that he had club feet, and Polande Syndrome. His diagnosis of Moebius was not until 6 months of age. He endured numerous operations until the age of 5. They operated on his feet, his tonsils, his hand, and his eyes. The eyes were operated on over 5 times due to complications with scar tissue. He can only see from one eye, the doctors could never could get binocular vision.

He is now 13 years old and will be having another operation for his foot next month. They will be cutting out heel bone, and cut some bone for the side of his foot to try to help his alignment. We chose to do it now, for a few reasons. He will be able to start home schooling. Eighth grade has been rough socially and with academically. I am fighting for a education plan that works best for him. Another reason is so he won’t have to have a cast on this summer. Hopefully he can go to a summer camp instead.

I have tried my best to teach my son that he is “Limitless not Limited”. I also like to teach him that there is a world outside of school. He enjoys skate boarding, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, and riding his bmx. He doesn’t run as fast as other children his age, but with wheels he can fly, grind, get air.. And travel all over the desert without hurting his feet. If he cant hike, he can get on the bike.
He also enjoys running heavy equipment, because that’s in the family. I am proud to watch him grow up to become the strong man he will be.

Mom Shelly Abbott