January 04, 2020 / Caleb Downs Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

Ronnie “Caleb” was born on September 6th , 2004 in Shelby North Carolina. He wasn’t an early delivery, he was due on September 9th . It was obvious to the doctors that something was wrong with him (smaller jaw, no eye movement) but they didn’t have time to worry what it was at that time; he wasn’t breathing good on his on and the doctors made the call to the NICU at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte some 60 mile east. Mind you the situation was an overload to his mother and I, we’d just had a baby, and we didn’t get to spend a few minutes with him till they were taking him away to Charlotte alone. Once my parents and I arrived at the other hospital the charge nurse allowed me to stay with him even though it was shift change and no visitors were suppose to be there. Click here to read more.

Moebius Syndrome
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