January 13, 2020 / Katrina Donovan Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

So. I’m Katrina. & I am a Moebius Syndrome Empress. At least today. Ha-ha. Usually I just say I’m like the hurricane. Basically, as a disclaimer. Often a great Ice breaker. I have been having a bit of excitement in my life the last few years. I have gained a few grandchildren. They just see me as Mimi. I, however, hope to be a light in their world. I advocate for moebius, so that one day, all differences will be accepted.

I have gotten to travel a little in recent years. Not far, but far enough, for now. Lol. My 3 children, grandchildren and I spent Thanksgiving together for the first time in five years. It was a huge blessing for all of us. I have gotten to go camping a few times. Camping is in my blood. I saw some breathtaking waterfront sunrises. I went tubing, (a bucket list item). Heck, I learned to paddle in the middle of the winter. Nothing like seeing Christmas lights from the water Did I mention my sunset seaplane ride? What!? Exciting times, right? Amen! 

Like everyone, I’ve also had some serious down times. Struggles, losses, & numerous other issues; Ahh, Life. Blessed, but tossed. I still live in Smithfield, Va. For now. Looking to move into my next chapter of life. I work at the local YMCA and at my church. I’ve been at both jobs for several years now. I am blessed enough to be able to reach several diverse ages & crowds, given my workplaces, networking ability, & even more so, my personality.

I won’t think twice about dressing up in a costume, or rocking a tutu, if only given a chance. I was counting my collection the other day. I do still need a purple one! I’m hoping to order a long one before MSAD. I have 3 ventriloquist puppets I use at times to help me educate & entertain. I brought 2 to the winter break camp last week. The kids embraced them, & me. I feed their minds when able. I do already have a cool annual tradition with purple necklaces for our holiday. I assembled & have since edited, a pamphlet, with help from both my son, dear friend, & some MFOMS resources. People can get some beads from me, but they come with my informative pamphlet. I have several establishments that let me leave them out for the public to see & grab up. I often read my seemingly timeless poem, at functions, venues like church services, homeschool meetings, a youth retreat, civic &/or fraternal group presentations, & even some random open mic nights. I truly enjoy educating the older folks, the youngest ears, & everyone in between. It’s all about expression, right? I may not be able to smile, but I am assuredly able to express myself. I think I do so through my personality, my character, & my eagerness to spread awareness about our condition. I continue to believe awareness, will lead to acceptance. I refuse to let our rarity determine our importance. I love to live life to the best of my abilities. I am still learning to not care what people think. But who isn’t, right? I still feel beyond blessed to be able to laugh through life, without a smile. Not everyone has that ability, like we do. Ha-ha-ha

Forgot to mention that I also may have spent a brief time here or there, as a mermaid, a gangster, a jellyfish, & an angel. No wonder I’m so tired. Seems I stay fairly busy. Haha. Happy MSAD 2020. May Everyone’s vision improve this year!

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