January 19, 2020 Linda Tate Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

Hi, I am Linda Tate an 62 year old woman with Moebius Syndrome. I’m here to say that having Moebius has not been easy, but it has definitely made me a stronger individual. For example, I think I found it more difficult to find, secure and sustain a job than those without Moebius. Moebius definitely has HUGE social Implications. I always felt I had to be twice as qualified for jobs, have twice the personality to find friends and twice the fortitude to get medical procedures that are necessary for me to lead as “normal” of a life as possible.

I recently battled with my insurance company to have a eye lid surgery. It is to tighten my lower eye lids. Insurance saw it as medically unnecessary. I WON!! I will be having the surgery in the very near future..

In the meantime I continue to work for Milwaukee Public Schools as an Educational Assistant going on 37 years. I have seen many changes though out the years. I am looking forward to retiring in possibly three years. I’d like to then possibly spend my summers in Wisconsin and winter in Florida. Maybe a pipe dream, maybe not.

Happy Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day to all of us. Here is a short poem I wrote a few years ago.

Some think I don’t smile,
Those who know me, know my smile.
They see it in my eyes,
Hear it in my voice.
Those who know me, look to my
Heart for my smile. Get to know me,
You’ll see it too.
~Linda Tate~

Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day
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