I have never met anyone who has Moebius but I recently started talking to those to have Moebius, and it has been very eye opening, because I didn’t realize what other people went through with the condition. I wasn’t award of how mild the case that I have is. I was asked on the day of my ten year anniversary of my surgery if I would ever consider getting the smile surgery, and while I don’t completely shut the door on the opportunity, for me, and my life, I am happy the way that things are right now. I feel like God has blessed me with this, rather than cursed me, because as a result of Moebius, i think I am a much better person than I ever would have been without it. I have really learned that you can’t judge someone by how they look. I know that we all come in different situations, whether self inflicted or not, and that has influenced me into one of my dreams, of going to Africa and working in humanitarian aid. That is my ultimate goal of what I would like to do career wise. I love to help others who can’t help themselves and I think its a result of Moesbius and the trials I have gone through with it. I am truly grateful for moebius and everything it has taught me.

Tim Smith
Author: Tim Smith

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