Kevin is 12 years old and he loves YouTube!! He loves to watch videos full of emotions. He likes surprise military families, he likes to watch wedding speeches and anything that involves emotions or a party. When I was pregnant with Kevin, the only thing I knew was that he was an active healthy little boy with club feet. I wasn’t too concerned when the doctors told me he had club feet, I just thought, oh we can fix that. Little did I know that our world would change forever the day he was born. Kevin was born with every complication associated with Moebius Syndrome. He had a very small jaw and tracheal malacia when he was born, so we had to make the decision to give him a trach until he was older and big enough to breathe on his own. Kevin was able to come off the ventilator at the age of 3. He was slower than most to roll, crawl and walk. Kevin is 12 now and still needs assistance with walking, most of the time he uses his wheelchair. He has had many surgeries for his club feet and we still struggle with them. We have hope that he will be able to get his trach out when he is a little older. Kevin uses communication device to communicate. He loves to travel and be outside. His favorite thing to do is go for a ride in his dads’ big truck.