Hello fellow Moebians,

I’m Leah Richter! I am a freshman at Hope College in Holland Michigan, and I am studying to be a special education teacher.

For me living with Moebius has been a blessing in disguise. I feel so blest to have a condition that has put me in contact with so many precious, inspiring people from around the world and showed me that despite a physical disability, the sky is the limit. I can fully live life just like so many others have.
Throughout my life I have gone through ups and downs, but my faith and family have been my rock. I have gone through more surgeries than I can count, but I’ve made it through and I feel my life is a testimony of God’s grace.
We all have those days when we are like “Yuck”, but I try not to let those days or what the world portrays as “beautiful” define me or put me in a box because I am who I am, a unique, classy, beautiful girl. I know I who I am, I know who made me, and I try not to conform to the world, Dr. Seuss defines me perfectly in saying, “Today you are You, that is truer then true. There is no one alive who is Youer then You.”
Sending LOVE to you ALL!