Learning about Moebius Syndrome through Animation!

Dear Friends,

When we talk about spreading Moebius Syndrome Awareness and educating people about Moebius Syndrome it’s important to have a variety of tools to reach a variety of different people. We are creating animations to reach out to children and explain what Moebius Syndrome is in a way that they can understand and will lead to them being more friendly and tolerant to other children with disabilities. In the coming months we will also be putting out a children’s guide to understanding Moebius Syndrome.

All of our animations are available on YouTube so please feel free to share them whenever and wherever you wish.

If you would like for us to make an animation for your child with Moebius Syndrome, or if you are an adult with Moebius wanting one done, please email us at tim@mfoms.org. We do these animations for free. All we need from you is a voice over, story idea, and some photos. We will do the rest.


Tim Smith

Smile for ME

“Smile for me” is a cute little story written by Linda Lawrance from Australia whose son Jack has Moebius Syndrome. The narrator is Dawna Rockey from the  United States who also has a son with Moebius Syndrome named Ben.

Introducing Isabella

Introducing Isabella is a short animation narrated by Ged Seddon and Isabella. It tells the story of a little girl with Moebius Syndrome named Isabella who lives in England. 

Gavin Fouche: Public Service Announcement

Gavin Fouche: Public Service announcement was our second animation written and narrated by Gavin Fouche the Vice President of the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome. The animation encourages everyone to stand out and be different.

Ryan's Story

Ryan’s Story was our very first animation written by Ryan Larson, starring Ryan Larson, and narrated by Ryan Larson. Ryan gives us a little insight into his life.

Talking Moebius with Katrina Donavan

Katrina Donavan shares her thoughts along with giving us some good advice.

"Smile for Me1" Gif version

This is our second rendition of the kids book “Smile for Me” written by Linda Lawrance. We created the video to help explain Moebius Syndrome to small children. Hopefully once they have watched it they will be more understanding of other kids with Moebius.

In this version we used animated Gif’s instead of the original illustrations to tell the story.

Moebius Syndrome Bumber Stickers

Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day Bumper Stickers

One great way to educate people about Moebius Syndrome and spreading awareness is by purchasing a “What is Moebius Syndrome?” Awareness shirt. They sell for $17 each and come in two colors, different styles and different sizes. After you’ve purchased the shirt we will send you 10 free business cards with the same wording that is one shirts to pass out to people who want to learn more about Moebius Syndrome. Sale ends soon get yours today. Click here to order.