Logan was born on 19 January 2006. When he was a year old, he was diagnosed with a very rare syndrome called Moebius. Before that day, I had never heard of this condition. The pediatrician who diagnosed Logan, said that in the 20 years of practicing, he one had a patient with this rare condition and that was the only reason he could diagnose Logan. Logan also had to get glasses as his eyes would turn inwards as his existing eye muscles had to work so hard to help him focus. When Logan was 2 years old, I was introduced to the Smile Foundation and the wonderful work they do. Logan was still too young at that stage for anything to be done but when he turned 5 (2011), he underwent a 12 ½ hour surgery, where they removed a muscle from his inner thigh and transplanted it into his face. It was a very long and painful process for him but Logan is strong.

When Logan turned 7, he was enrolled into a private school as the classes were smaller upon a referral of a educational philologist. Since the first day, he has loved his school, his friends and his teachers. Logan has had occupational and speech therapy for a long time. He is very good with maths and received the award of Master Math Mathematician in Grade 2. He plays in the schools chess team and took up kickboxing and he has been doing so well in it. Last year he won a bronze metal. Logan is a very strong and independent child. He is kind and has a caring nature and he had a very quirky sense of humor. We never hid his condition from him.