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Moebius SyndromeMoebius Syndrome – One of hardest parts in finding Moebius Syndrome Medical Resources is figuring out where to start. With that in mind we’ve put together a comprehensive list of over 250 medical organizations in the United States who treat children, and children with special needs.

With Moebius Syndrome comes along other conditions and medical needs. When putting together this list we focused on three areas.

1. We wanted to find top rated children’s hospitals in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia so that when someone in the community looks for a children’s hospital they can review what is in their locality first.

2. We wanted to identify the specialty units in the children’s hospitals associated with the needs of our community.

3. We wanted to make sure we included only top ranked children’s hospitals so we did extensive research, plus we reached out to other organizations and people in our community for their recommendations.

One thing you can do to help us create a better list is by letting us know what children’s hospitals you use and recommend. You can email us the information to

Our Children’s Hospital list is a tool we provide to help your search. We do not endorse, or sponsor, any of the hospital’s on the list nor do they us. We absolutely do not receive any sort of compensation from the hospitals on our list.


* One star next to a hospital means they have a top ranked children’s Craniofacial unit.

** Two stars mean the hospital has a top ranked children’s Pulmonary unit.

*** Three stars mean that they have both of the above.

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