This is my grand daughter Melody Perez. She is 8 years old and has lived in Michigan with her mom all of her life. But her last few years with phnemonia and chronic lung disease has been very scary, we almost lost her at one point. So this year she has went to live with her dad in Florida for the winter. This is a first for her and it is hard on us all but we are happy she is healthy. That is the most important thing. We talk to her on OOVOO daily. She has been very brave and strong through this although we do have our sad moments saying goodbye over the computer. She will be coming home in March. All of her family, grandparent, step dad and step sister, all the family she has known and loved over her years all live here in Michigan. Her dad took a job down in Florida a couple years ago, so that is why she has moved down there for the temporary winter season. She loves her dad and step mom and step sister there very much too. He works in Disney Land so it has its little perks there too. 😉 She is loved by many and we miss her very much. We look forward to seeing her again in March.

Gary Gardner