Moebius Blessings Testimonials

moebius syndrome

MFOMS was a complete blessing to us this past holiday season! I was able to not worry about not having enough gifts for my kids and this allowed me to relax and enjoy Christmastime with them. I was uplifted by surprises that were selected for myself as well! The shoppers did an excellent job selecting items the kids were excited about. There were even hoodies that became the kids’ favorite winter item of clothing. My child with Moebius enjoyed her favorite characters and we often use the educational items that were gifted. We felt entirely cared for and loved by our Moebius friends who are truly like family! -Anonymous

I am forever grateful to the MFOMS (and the wonderful people behind it! To be chosen as a recipient was such a blessing! Last year was a tough one for Brenlee, with COVID forcing her to be inside 24/7 since she is high-risk, us losing our jobs, and ending the year on our own, with me having just become a single parent for the first time in my life, which was incredibly scary even though I knew it was for the best. Change is hard! With everything happening right at the holiday my heart was breaking for Brenlee because so much had changed, and she could not understand why. I wanted to keep the holidays as normal for her as I could, given all the other changes, and would never have been able to do that without Moebius blessings and the MFOMS. We weren’t just blessed with gifts…they went ABOVE AND BEYOND in finding the gifts on her list (and she tends to have very random, sometimes unattainable things on her wish lists. She has a unique and quirky personality, and anyone who knows her knows that she LOVES to ask for things that cannot easily be found or are no longer being made. Thankfully, she is currently into My Life and Our Generation dolls, so I’ve got it easy at the moment, but the MFOMS got the tough stuff on her list, they came through more than I could have dreamed. From Hannah Montana (which has been off air for 10 years), to the cows, to the extremely specific “leaf blower with straps like a backpack and a hose that wrapped around” …and they found it all!! She was beyond amazed and elated, and we are so very thankful! In addition to Brenlee‘s gifts, we were also blessed with a Kroger gift card so I was able to cook Christmas dinner, and the handmade Mobius syndrome bracelet I received brought me to tears (and I wear it every day)! They brought happiness and hope in what was an otherwise sad and scary time, I am forever grateful for their kindness, thoughtfulness and love! 1 million thank you’s would not be enough! -Melissa