November 12, 2019 / Psalm Brielle Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

Psalm Brielle is now 4 years old, born and diagnosed with Moebius syndrome. Born wirh club feet but can now walk normally. She is also sensitive to sunlight but sunglasses and hats are her buddies to the playground. Psalm is a very thoughtful girl and she is passionate when it comes to dancing & singing, and drawing princesses just like she is. She is lion-hearted, loves to have a bible story before she sleeps and wants to be a doctor someday. She is a consistent ray of sunshine to everybody around her. Although we cannot visibly see her smile, her positivity is very evident and contagious. We also like the way she verbally expresses how she feels – “I’m happy… I’m excited”. Her giggles are heaven to the ears. Above all, her heart is pure. She is a hero.

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Tim Smith
Author: Tim Smith

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