November 16, 2019 / Sharon Bradham Deveney Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

Sharon was the first Moebius related person I met. In the winter on 2004 my then girlfriend contacted Sharon about me having Moebius and Sharon invited us out to dinner. The four of us had a nice dinner and talked while the kids stayed in the played room. I knew I liked Sharon and Dan when they insisted on picking up the check.

The next time we met was about four years later shortly after I started getting more involved with the Moebius Community. I went to church with her and the kids a couple of times. In the spring of 2010 Sharon told me about a little boy with Moebius living in Virginia. I got in contact with the family and we had a small Virginia Moebius Meet up at my house.

One Friday night is early May of 2010 I was having chest pains and went to the Urgent Care in Stafford, Virginia. They told me I had a heart attack and needed to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital. I told the doctors that I was going to meet my maker that night I needed to go home and take a shower. They looked at me like I was crazy person. Once I got home and took a shower, I called Sharon told her the story and asked her if she could give me a ride to the Emergency room. She chewed me out like I was a crazy person but came and took me to the hospital.

I nominate Sharon to be our Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero because she has always been kind to me and helps me out whenever I need it. She’s a great parent to her children. She’s been a great friend to our loyal Moebius Syndrome Community. Thank you, Sharon, for all you do. -Tim Smith

Tim Smith
Author: Tim Smith

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