November 19, 2019 / Megan Brown Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

My name is Megan
19 years old, born May 25,2000
Parents of Debbie Brown and Ernie Lee Brown Jr.
graduated May 2019
I have Moebius syndrome
Moebius Syndrome-extremely rare neurological condition which typically affects the sixth and seventh cranial nerves. These nerves affect the face and eye muscles and cause facial paralysis

It’s hard to follow objects with one eye –instead I turn my head to follow
Lack of facial expression
Webbed toes
My eyelids don’t close completely shut when blinking or sleeping
Inability to smile and clearly understand sometimes .
BTW,I just want to say, for all people with disabilities OR a mental health CONDITION,I have depression.DO NOT let that define the person you are. EVERY person has a gift on earth to share with others, great talents even small ones if you do not have a talent. There is always a spark in someone you see.
I am a strong girl just carrying through life with her head up even when I feel like the worlds crashing down on me, I just keep taking one day at a time for some reason. I have therapy which really helps me

I love to dance
I love to do sign language
I love tattoos. I have two
I love my puppy Stormy.

There is NOTHING truer in this world than the love of a dog. I just want to remind everyone that (you are never alone.)