November 2, 2019 / Michele Robertson Holiday Hero

I met Michele last January in San Angelo, Texas at a Moebius Syndrome event. She was one of the sweetest ladies I ever met. She brought her boyfriend Terry with her. One of the first things Terry told us about Michele is that he prayed God would bring someone into his life to help him out because he was blind. He said God sent him one of his angels. I could tell by the way she treated and cared for Terry that she loved him very much.

Terry liked to tell jokes and from the moment I met him to the moment we parted he had me rolling with laughter. Unfortunately since this website has a G rating I can’t repeat any of his jokes. On our first night we drove from the hotel to a Mexican restaurant. I was driving Kara’s car, Terry was seated on the passenger side, Will, Kara, and Michele were in the back. I was driving a little too fast and we went air born when I hit a speed bump. Only a couple of inches off of the ground. Everyone yelled TIM except for Terry. After everyone had quieted down Terry turned to me and said, with a serious tone in his voice, “Maybe you should have let me drive?” We all busted out laughing.

Michele and Terry made a great couple. God blessed me by giving me the opportunity to meet them. Their spirit for life touched my heart in a very special way. I will never forget them. Sadly Terry passed away shortly after that.

Michele Robertson is my Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero because she has been through a lot this year and outwardly came through it with the true dignity of a lady. I proudly call her my friend. -Tim Smith

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Tim Smith
Author: Tim Smith

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