November 30, 2019 / Lucy Jo & Brooklyn Moebius Syndrome Holiday Heroes

About six years ago I met a young lady on Facebook named Lucy Jo. She was the mother of a little girl with Moebius who passed away a little over six months after she was born. Lucy Jo wanted very much to share Brooklyn’s story with the world. Each time we chatted on Facebook she told me a little more about Brooklyn. Promising to someday write her story. Lucy Jo and I talked for many months before she actually sent me in the story. When she saw I was online she randomly texted me asking how I was. Sometimes she would just text hi. I did the same when I saw her online. I thought of her as a friend and was delighted when she finally sent Brooklyn’s story so we could share it with the world. About a year and a half later I lost a friend who I had never met. They may be gone but I keep her and Brooklyn alive in my heart and share their story whenever I can. This is why I nominate Lucy Jo and Brooklyn as our Moebius Syndrome Holiday Heroes for November 30, 2019. One day after what would have been Brooklyn’s 12th Birthday. Click here to read Brooklyn’s story..