November 21, 2019 / Dakotah Mitchell Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

On Thursday November 21, 2019 Portrait of a Soul will unveil a painting of Dakotah at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Portrait of a Soul commissioned elite artists to create fine art portraits of five patients from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. These portraits capture the children’s stories of courage, perseverance and resilience.

We are very proud of Dakotah. She’s a great young lady with amazing parents who I’ve (Tim Smith) come to know and love. Congratulations Dakotah!

We hope to have some photos and videos from the event available on our Facebook page soon after the event is over.


Dakotah was born on October 15 2008 via an emergency C-Section. I was my daughters birthing coach. On October 15th we checked in for what was to be a normal delivery. After 15 hours in labor and Dakotah’s heart rate dropping several times over the course of the day it was decided that a C-Section was necessary. When Abbie was taken into the delivery room I sat patiently by her side and watched and they worked on her. The Dr. was having a hard time getting Dakotah out, her head was stuck in Abbie’s ribcage, she was breach. Out comes this beautiful baby with tons of black hair. She was very quiet and didn’t cry. As they took her over to check her out I noticed that her eyes were extremely large and that she just stared, she didn’t blink at all. I noticed that her lip was droopy as well. The doctors checked her heart and did the basic APGAR tests that they do on a newborn but that was about it. Abbie and Dakotah were taken into the recovery room. While in recovery we tried to get Kotah to latch on, she was unable to do so. I started looking at her mouth and noticed that it did not open very far, almost as though her jaw was locked. Click here to read more!