November 8, 2019 / Darragh Kelly Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

I would like to nominate my son Darragh as my holiday hero. Darragh is Australian/Irish he lives in Australia with his mammy, daddy and his dog Saoirse. Darragh has Moebius syndrome, he was born with bilateral club feet he wore casts for the first three months after he was born, he had surgery on his ankles at six weeks old, he had grommets put in three months ago and is so happy now that he can hear. Darragh had a procedure on his eyes a few weeks ago and has quite a few more surgeries lined up for down the track.

He takes all of his hospital visits in his stride. He is the strongest and happiest little boy that anyone could meet and brings so much joy to everyone’s life. He makes his mammy and daddy so proud every single day.

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