November 9, 2019 / Rak Moebius Syndrome Holiday Hero

Hi All- I am delighted to serve as the Moebius Syndrome Holiday hero again this year. We are approaching Thanksgiving and there is a lot to be thankful for in my life. As many of you know I had a brief stint in Wisconsin a VR Counselor and I had an opportunity to come back home to Illinois which I could not pass up. Currently I am an VR Counselor in a reputable agency. I have moved back home to Illinois and look forward to begin my life in the state and city that provided me with so much. As always I wanted to reach out to the Moebius community, throughout my tenure as a Moebian (which has lasted 31 years), I have occasionally been asked “how do I succeed” and the answer is simple “never give up”. If an individual or person tells you that you cannot be successful, you need to rise up to the challenge showing them you can succeed.. Willpower and determination is a measure of success not subjective opinion or personal opinion. I would also like to encourage parents to show your child that they can succeed instilling a strength based approach to what they want to accomplish in life. Few weeks ago I lost a dear family member who meant so much to me…. He had a very up beat personality and a heart full of gold, but one thing that comes to mind is that he encouraged both his son and daughter never to give up and always reaching for the stars. His children were very ordinary teenagers who were not ivy league prospects, but now both of them are strong leaders in their community. Minesh, his son is a well known physician in Arizona and Ami, his daughter is a esteemed Lawyer. Both of them had the willpower and determination to be successful and had the support to back them up. I will remember my dear friend Ramesh Zaveri for the rest of my life embracing the values of perseverance and respect. Another cool story about Zaveri uncle that I remember so fondly is back in 2015 his motel burned down due to a wild fire in Indiana, he lost every item that was in his possession. A year later, he was diagnosed with a COPD and had a lung transplant. During his first hospital visit, he was only given few months to live, however Zaveri uncle had so much willpower, so much determination and so much charisma that he told the hospital staff “I am going to overcome this”… and he did! After these series of events, he was seen driving a car, swimming and engaging the activities of daily living. Ramesh Zaveri is a role model to how one should pursue their life, so I leave you with this holiday message… as you are sitting by the dinner table and engaging in the lovely thanksgiving festivities, I want you to ask yourselves.. What can I do to be the next Ramesh Zaveri? And how can I inspire change within myself, but the world and community around me. Thank you I would like to dedicate this passage to the memory of the great Ramesh Zaveri who has inspired all of us “whenever there is a will, there is a way” Cheers- Rak

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