LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) – Recently, the Artsview Children’s Theater in Longview held its Annual Kick-Off Dinner. The group told us about one of the children who moved the audience to tears as she read a letter about how much the theater program meant to her.

We were intrigued, and went to meet 8 year-old Olivia Hale so you could meet her, too.
At one time, Olivia Hale wasn’t comfortable telling her story.
Olivia has Moebius Syndrome. 
We’re told that Moebius Syndrome affects the sixth and seventh cranial nerves, which operate your eyes and facial muscles.
Olivia’s music teacher, Alisha Kimbley, thought working with the Artsview Children’s Theatre in Longview would benefit Olivia.
“She’s just always up for anything. Always up to try something new. Always very positive, very confident,” says Kimbley. 
In the last year and a half, Olivia has been in three community plays.  
Her mother says it’s been great for her.
“Her speaking to memorize something, to slow down, to help her speech, to open her mouth wider so she can speak clearer.  It’s really opened her up.  She loves to being on stage,” her mother expressed.
So, the child who needed therapy to learn how to suck a bottle, now sings and dances on stage, even though following some of the director’s instructions can be hard. 
We asked her what she would say to someone for whom things weren’t going well.
“Just don’t give up and keep trying,” Olivia replied. 
That’s sound advice from a second grader with a lot of life experience.
Just so you know how amazing Olivia’s progress has been, her eyes don’t move from side to side, which, as you can imagine, makes reading very difficult.
Now, she has confidence when reading in front of her classmates.
By Anissa Centers
Posted by Elizabeth Thomas

Planning for MSAD

Hi, my name is Laci Tincher. Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day is very important to me because my daughter, Olivia Hale was born with this syndrome. Olivia is 9yrs old and attends the third grade at White Oak Intermediate School. This past MSAD, Olivia and I wanted to inform her classmates and help spread the word on Moebius Syndrome.

First, I started by calling her teacher and telling her all about how this was going to be the Second Annual MSAD and that is was going to take place world wide, with people holding their own events. I then asked her if Olivia could have a special time on that up coming January 24 to tell her class about Moebius Syndrome? The teacher thought is was a wonderful idea and then asked if Olivia would speak to the whole third grade, teachers, and other staff members of the school. When Olivia got home from school that day, I asked her about it. She immediately said yes and was very excited to get this opportunity.

From this point on, MSAD planning got bigger and bigger! With the help of a teacher at school, we were able to send home purple flyers that encouraged everyone from student to teacher to wear purple on Jan.24 to show there support for Olivia and others who have Moebius Syndrome. Since this was going to be huge event with many people attending we were able to use the school gym to host our MSAD. I also asked the school if I could use there lap top on a cart, and a huge screen to be able to let people view a video. They also helped by providing Olivia and I with microphones and a sound system. Then we started trying to come up with other ideas we could use on this special day. Olivia wanted to give something to everyone who attended. So I found a company online and got purple bracelets for all. They read “MSAD Jan.24” on one side, and “Our Smile Comes From Our Heart” on the other side. I also got some other ideas from the Many Faces Of Moebius Syndrome website and a picture I saw of Tim Smith wearing his official MSAD t-shirt. Olivia and I bought shirts and recreated the picture Tim had taken to advertise it on face book. We then enlarged the picture of us to an 8 x10 and put it on a poster board that read in big purple glitter letters, Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day Jan.24. I then attached a little container that held the Moebius Syndrome brochures that I printed from the foundations website. We used this poster board on an easel during the program and then left it in the office at school for anyone to take a brochure.

Click here to go to Olivia’s go fund campaign.