Riders 4 Moebius Press Release

The Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome is pleased to announce that “Riders 4 Moebius” has joined our MFOMS family and is now an exclusive event for our 501c3. Over the last ten years Kacie and her family have run R4M and raised several thousand dollars to send families to Moebius conferences and events. Kacie and the MFOMS will proudly maintain the tradition and continue to support individuals with Moebius Syndrome and their families. We will strive to find new ways to get people to Moebius conferences and events based on their needs. If you have any questions about Riders 4 Moebius please email Kacie@teammoebius.org

Timothy G Smith: President MFOMS


What started out as eight motorcycle riders gathering to raise awareness for Moebius Syndrome 10 years ago has turned into the annual Riders 4 Moebius poker run each year in Colorado Springs, CO.  My husband and I, with the suggestion from my aunt, created this event to raise awareness after our son, Kevin, went undiagnosed with Moebius Syndrome for over a year after his birth.

The event has grown from eight riders to over 100 throughout the years, bringing riders from surrounding states to join in the poker run.  You don’t need to know how to play poker, or have a motorcycle, to join in the fun.  A poker run is where you make five stops along a route in Colorado to choose a card and enjoy the beauty and tourist attractions that Colorado has to offer.  At the fifth stop we enjoy a cookout and a winner is chosen. The person with the best poker hand wins the prize that is usually $250.  In the true spirit of the ride, the winner usually donates the winnings back to Riders 4 Moebius.  The 2019 event had 14 individuals with Moebius Syndrome attend, some meeting each other for the first time, others re-connecting from prior meetings!

Over the 10 years we have reached hundreds of people with awareness about Moebius Syndrome and have donated thousands of dollars so people can attend conference and other events. We raise the funds through a small registration fee, selling Riders 4 Moebius t-shirts, and doing a raffle of assorted gift baskets of Harley Davidson prizes, wine baskets, and everything in between.

Riders 4 Moebius has teamed up with the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome. On June 13, 2020, we hope to double our event with more families and riders, bringing as much awareness as possible to this rare syndrome. Riders and the MFOMS will distribute the proceeds from the race to causes near and dear to us. We hope to have you join in the fun and fellowship in June!

Kacie Brailsford: Treasurer MFOMS / Founder Riders for Moebius