On August 13, 2023 I was guest speaker at Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, in Port Townsend, WA. Quimper UUF is the second largest UU congregation in the state of Washington – and is the largest per capita UU congregation in the world. Our congregation had recently begun serious work to address oppressions – including racism, sexism and ableism. In becoming active in this work, a friend suggested I lead a service on disability.

I’m a “Moebius elder”- someone who’s lived through the silence and shame of the ‘50’s and worked to change mindsets through everything from writing “A Letter to My Teacher” (for teachers of kids with Moebius syndrome) in the 1990’s – to many decades of teaching, plus lots of IDEA and ADA activism.

In retirement, I’m active with membership on several regional and state disability and mental health advisory councils. A fellow UU (and internationally known mental health activist) and I are in the beginning stages of writing a book on disability justice and mental health justice work (for the faith community).

While I will always be deeply appreciative of finding roots – in having connected with many Moebius adults, children and parents – starting in the 1990’s – I’ve found my wings via connecting with the broad, diverse cross-disability community. We have found a broad-based commonality even though we come from a variety of different disability lineages. For there are deeply meaningful ways we share common bonds.

I am proud of the work that so many within the Moebius community have done. This is a disability pride – something we share with people around the world.

Below is a link to the sermon (and service) that I led. I hope you recognize the Moebius strip!