10/18/19 – Welcome

Welcome to MFOMS Blog

Over the last couple of months, Team Moebius has been regularly posting regular updates to our Social Media platforms.   As we continue to streamline and improve our operations, we are moving our posts to our website and will be submitting the links to our weekly posts to our Social Media Platforms.  This way everyone can see what is going on with Team Moebius. 

We’ve been taking the last couple of weeks to work behind the scenes on some things.   Tim is hard at work preparing for Holiday Hero’s.   Derek’s been preparing for Kara’s in January, and working with the rest of the team on gathering resources for the Moebius community. 

We will soon be offering an email newsletter, and other means of communicating with the Moebius community. 

We hope everyone has a great weekend.

Derek White, Executive Director,  Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome



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