Laramie Pediatrics

Name: Laramie Pediatrics
Address: 1252 North 22nd Street
Laramie, Wyoming 82072
Main Hospital Phone Number: 307-745-3704
Specialty Unit Webpage:

At Laramie Pediatrics, we tailor our care to our patients, providing everything from direct well child care to more complicated integrated care of complex patients. We specifically use Denver Children’s Hospital for Pediatric referrals. Denver Children’s is one of the Top 5 Pediatric Hospitals in the Nation and nothing beats having them 3 hours south of us. We have a long standing relationship with them and they help us coordinate care of all our complex patients.

As a Medical home, we try to avoid patient trips to the Emergency Room and Urgent Care. These are “Community Facilities” more appropriate for Adults than Pediatric patients. When needed, Dr. Kleppinger comes down to the office

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