St Luke’s Children’s

Name: St Luke’s Children’s
Address: 100 E Idaho St
Boise, ID 83712
Main Hospital Phone Number: (208) 381-7336
Specialty Unit Webpage:

Picture Your Health

How we define health depends on each individual. Physical. Mental. Social. Community. As the only Idaho-based, not-for-profit health system, St. Luke’s is dedicated to our mission “To improve the health of people in the communities we serve.” That means not only treating you when you’re sick or hurt but helping you be as healthy as possible. We want you to look beyond your illness or injury and picture where you’ll be on your health journey. We want you to picture your health.

St. Luke’s Health System Strategy

People deserve the very best we can offer, from safety and quality care to advanced technology, education and tools to live a healthy life. Our strategy outlines our plans to improve access to care, lower costs, and work with partners to support healthy communities.

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