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As part of an esteemed educational and research institution, University of Virginia (UVA) Plastic Surgery offers patients access to unsurpassed expertise and technology. In addition to being a group of exceptional surgeons with a breadth of hands-on experience, our team includes thought leaders whose research and innovation have national and international influence. Our residency program carries our surgeons’ unmatched expertise and innovation into the next generation of plastic surgeons. At UVA Plastic Surgery, each patient we serve receives a world-class plastic surgery experience and the best results possible from our team of exceptional plastic surgeons in Charlottesville and Fishersville serving Richmond and Harrisonburg, VA; Augusta, GA; Washington, DC; and beyond.
Our History
Rooted in academia, our plastic surgery practice began in 1956 with the appointment of the University’s first academic plastic surgeon Dr. Claude C. Coleman. In 1970, UVA’s then-chairman of surgery Dr. William Muller, Jr. recruited Dr. Milton T. Edgerton, Jr. to establish a department of plastic surgery at UVA. The two doctors had become friends during their residency training at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Edgerton, Jr. left the position he held for 23 years as head of Johns Hopkins’ Division of Plastic Surgery to create the new department at UVA.

The UVA Department of Plastic Surgery became one of the first independent plastic surgery departments in the country. Dr. Edgerton, Jr. went on to create a microvascular laboratory that has actively trained plastic surgery, orthopaedic, and urologic residents and medical students for more than 30 years. He also restructured and revitalized the residency training program, eventually training more than 40 residents and fellows.

In 1988, Dr. Raymond F. Morgan became Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery and trained over 50 residents and fellows while directing a growing faculty. At UVA, Dr. Morgan helped establish one of the first integrated residency programs in the country while maintaining the independent training track. He maintains a busy clinical practice in both hand and plastic surgery while continuing to educate fellows, residents, and students. In March 2017, Dr. Thomas Gampper was appointed as Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery

Together, Dr. Morgan and Dr. Gampper founded the Aesthetic Center at the University of Virginia, known today as UVA Plastic Surgery. This team is dedicated to continuing UVA’s reputation of excellence as this rapidly growing area of medicine evolves.
Our Research
At UVA Plastic Surgery, research is an integral part of our mission. We are directly involved in pioneering surgical techniques, medical products and technology that improve surgical outcomes and the lives of our patients. Dr. Patrick Cottler and Dr. Angela Piñeros-Fernandez both serve as assistant professors of research. Dr. Cottler is director of resident research as well.

The Department of Plastic Surgery’s research programs involve our faculty, residents, medical students, and undergraduate students. We also collaborate with faculty in other departments. Our laboratories include:

Plastic Surgery Tissue Engineering Laboratory
Vascular and Tissue Bioengineering Laboratory
Wound Healing Laboratory
The Nettie Marie Jones Microsurgery Laboratory

An important component of our research involves clinical trials. If a new treatment is successful in the laboratory setting, our doctors test it on people in a clinical trial. At UVA our research has resulted in discoveries, treatments, and advanced procedures that have helped to improve medicine in Virginia, the United States, and around the world.

Learn more about our research activities.
Our Residency Programs
An invaluable role of our practice is educating the next generation of plastic surgeons: our residents. Plastic surgery residents are physicians who have completed prerequisite training in general surgery or related fields and have elected to continue training in plastic surgery. The University of Virginia Department of Plastic Surgery offers both an integrated and an independent residency program. Both programs are accredited and designed to provide a broad education in plastic surgery. Through these programs, our residents gain the knowledge and skills required to perform a complete range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. All instruction is provided by board-certified plastic surgeons, most of whom have additional training in highly specialized areas of plastic surgery.

Our Chief Residents’ Clinic offers patients a full range of plastic surgery procedures at a significantly reduced rate. By choosing one of our residents for plastic surgery, patients receive quality service and care with at least 40% of the plastic surgeon’s fee being waived. A highly experienced faculty physician oversees the entire procedure to provide the resident with education and assistance. The faculty physician is also involved in preoperative visits and postoperative care.

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