I was born in 1969 at Hospital de San Pablo in Barcelona. The doctors did not know what was wring with me. I was in an oxygen chamber for many days. My parents were very smart and decided to move me to another hospital. The doctors told my parents there was a lot of damage done during my birth. I wasn’t going to be able to hear or run. Fortunatly they were wrong. I grew, thanks to my mother and all her great efforts to make me healthy. If it weren’t for her I do not know where i would be today.

I had a very sore throat from birth to age 8. Because of it I had a hard time breating while sleeping. My salvation was a doctor who fixed the problem. I was soon in school and my face was different from others. Kids called me every kind of name under the sun. Sometimes it really bothered me. Sometimes it didn’t. My teacher Magdalene was my guardian angel. She was a great person whose memory i hold close to my heart. Then another teacher came along who was completely different and shortly after his arrival I was suspended from the Catalan. Not because I couldn’t speak or wrte, because there was too much cruelty for me to deal with.

I wold not want any other person to have to go through what i did. Times were different then. Adolescence was bad. My heart began to find a very special beat for the opposite sex and I really knew what it meant to be different from others. Fortunatly not everyone is fixed on outer beauty. To me it’s the interior beauty which is important. For 41 years I’ve occasionally had to deal with uncomfortable situations. I’ve had to face life head on. I want to thank my parents and my sister for helping me through it.

There was a telvision show that searched out people who needed help. One night while my dad was watching the show they were doing a story on a boy named Hugo who had Moebius Syndrome. They were alone and did not know anyone else with this rare diease.

The doctors told my parents I had facial paralsys. They never said anything about Moebius Syndrome. My father called the show and contacted the parents. We were put in touch with a neurologist. I walked into his office and he instantly knew I had moebius syndrome. I was astonished. After 38 years i could finally put a name to my problem. If we had known earlier I could have recieved better treatments for my ailments. I have dry eyes and have had one operation of the eye because i can’t blink. I have bad knee caps and the pain is really bad, but i try not to let it get me down. I take it all in good humor.

After the television show aired we met a lot of other people with Moebius Syndrome and gathered at a snowy village in La Mancha called Catette. It was a heart warming experience to meet others like me. I will never forget the experience. We felt unique in a world where few others had our problems. This is how the spanish foundation of moebius syndrome began.

To our beloved president Carmen Leaf (who recently passed away), and to his family I say thanks. The programs he enacted helped us greatly and if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Yolanda (Barcelona) Spain